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Everything you need for the collection area including: collection gloves, cups, bags, filters, collection dummies, and boar mats.


Semen Evaluation

Everything needed for semen evaluation including spectrophotometers, microscopes, slide warmers, sample warmers, pipettes, and evaluation supplies.

Elixir 90x90

Extender Formulations

Swine semen extension media to fit every need. Our extenders are manufactured with analytical grade ingredients under a high standard of preparation. Quality control procedures include osmolarity and pH checks as well as biological tests for sperm viability on each extender batch. Viability analysis is performed immediately upon the addition of semen and throughout the claimed life of the extender. Each package of extender is labeled with a lot number and expiration date to facilitate accurate and logical stock control. Package sizes of 1, 3, 5, 10, or 100 liters are available.


Semen Processing

Laboratory equipment for all the processing needs of the boar stud. Extender warming vats and mixers, water baths, pooling containers, water quality meters, laboratory supplies, and more.

semen bag

Semen Packaging

This section features everything needed for packaging processed boar semen, including….. the RQ 800™ VIPER Packaging System (2011 ASABE Top 50 Ag Innovations) and the Clear Choice Semen Bags.

semen storage unit

Semen Storage and Shipping

Key products include semen coolers, temperature data loggers and insulated semen shipping containers.

PCAI Catheter

Breeding Supplies

A.I. catheters engineered for functionality and performance, these insemination catheters offer a wide range of options.



Lightweight, easy to use digital ultrasounds.

lab detergent

 Other Supplies

Additional laboratory and farm supplies.

Technical Library

Managing Boars in Artificial Insemination Centers

Introduction Daily care and management of sires in an artificial insemination (AI) center can have a large influence on semen quality and sperm output. A typical boar produces from 1100 to 1200 doses of semen per year (22 doses/wk x 52 wks) and therefore, semen quality of a single sire influences a large number of matings and services per year. A rule of thumb is that each female inventoried w...



Managing Boars in Artificial Insemination Centers


Introduction Daily care and management of sires in an artificial insemination (AI) center can have a large influence on semen quality and ...

Novel device for male infertility screening with single-ball lens microscope and smartphone.


Worldwide reports suggest that infertility affects 15%– 20% of couples of reproductive age, and approximately 50% of these are accounta...